Safety, Occupational Health & Environment

PT PWP is committed to advancing, prioritizing, and becoming a K3L superior center in providing of world-class services on every business line in all corporate operations. We ensure that all the employees, clients, vendors, and contractors are committed to the planning process and are making hazard identification to reduce the possible risk of harm that can happen to all employees and contractors, cooperative activity, usury, the environment, and society to achieve its final goal of "Accident-Free, Injury Free, Occupational Disease Free, Property Damage Free, and Environmental Hazard Free.“

We ensure the implementation of the relevant legal requirements, human resource sufficiency, as well as finance and technology are adequately available for the performance of management and sustainable maintenance of the safety management, health, and environment. We provide self-protection tools according to the interests of each individual and always run various special programs and policies to prevent work accidents and work-related diseases. We demonstrate the leadership role in the responsibility of K3L by applying the following principles:

  • Personal Responsibility
    Each individual is responsible for always being in a healthy condition when doing a job, not in a situation of illness or under the influence of personal and prohibited drugs, to comply with the K3L law, regulations, and standards applicable, personal PWP management and HSE requirements set by individuals during the execution of a job or activity for the interest of the company, stockholder, and self-interest.
  • Accountability
    At all levels in the organization, we are responsible for ensuring all employees, co-workers, and contractors achieve continuous improvements to advance K3L performance according to the environmental law, regulations, and standards and reach the goals and the annual target established by K3L Company Chief Executive.
  • Management Risk
    As a unfied business, we are implementing the risk management by providing adequate of time and workforce to effectively perform controls in eliminating and minimizing the risk of accidents, injury, illness, financial losses, and environmental impacts.
  • Learning Culture
    We always prioritize communication and learning habits continuously based upon the needs of employees, thorough investigation, continuous training, and information about all the issues relating to K3L. The organization and personal development obtained through continuous learning keep a watchful and shared experience and knowledge.
  • One Consistent Approach
    We apply the law and other requirements, standards, and PWP procedures and consistently implement them to achieve K3L goals and targets determined throughout the company's operational locations.